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[STORY] 2 x jokes...

Penulis : Zaisuhaila Ishak on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 1:05 AM

1st joke:
Suraj, a business man from Durban wanted to get married. He thought it would be wise to go to go and see the girl his parents arranged for him to marry. Whilst at the girl's place they insisted that he should take the girl with him immediately after the meeting.

He then refused and said: no ways, I'm a clever businessman, Imust see the sample before I take her

They then went upstairs and told the girl to which she replied; I'm as clever as the businessman, I don't give samples but will give him references

2nd joke (guwe kena baca 2 kali baru paham ):
A young woman inside a New York bus is listening to a conversation from two recently immigrated men and can't believe what she hears.

Says the one man to the other: "Emma comma first, I comma next, Esse comma together, I comma again, Esse comma together again, I comma once more, Pee Pee twice, and I comma again for the last time."

Horrified at what she's hearing, she notices a police officer seated next to her, and asks him if he's not going to arrest the two disgusting old men.

"For what?", he replies, "spelling Mississippi?"
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