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[STORY] Navy Story !!

Penulis : Zaisuhaila Ishak on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 12:38 AM

The Navy decides to offer early-retirement
bonuses to its personnel.The rule is that a
volunteer picks two spots on his body and
gets $1,000 for every inch in between.

One officer asks to be measured from
the top of his head to the tip of his toes.
He's 6 feet tall and gets $72,000

A second , smarter officer asks to be
measured from the tip of his raised hand to
his toes.He earns $96,000.

The third man who is volunteering for
early retirement is a grizzled old captain.
"Measure me from the tip of my penis to
my testicles, " he demands.

The medical officer in charge explains
thatthis might not be terribly profitable.
But the captain insists.He drops his trou,
and the medical officer place the tape
measure on the tip of the captain's penis
and begins to work back.

"My God! the medical officer gasps.
"Where are your testicles?"

The captain replies, " Vietnam."
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